The Journey Continues…

There is a Facebook blog that I started in 2014, at the beginning of my journey.  It can be accessed at

And now I’ve apparently gone big time with my new WordPress Blog called:

Just Kept Walking

Because I did walk the Camino Frances in 2015.  And then I walked the Caminho Portuguese in 2017.  And now I am planning on walking the Camino del Norte in 2019.  I’ve apparently Just Kept Walking.

Below is the last Facebook blog I published, on April 2, 2018.  I will continue my journey here.

I got that old feeling again.

It arises every two years, seemingly without fail. It starts with what feels like anxiety but it quickly morphs into an urgency, a quickening of heartbeat, a rush of thoughts. Over time, it forms into a vague idea, and then one day, the shape becomes clear.

“Just when I thought I was out, it pulls me back in…” to paraphrase an unlikely movie. Another Camino…

It was about this time of year, in 2014, when I was presented with the opportunity to walk the Camino Frances. A couple of friends from Oregon were planning their trip and would allow me to accompany them. Alas, they ended up not being able to go, but I decided to push forward, oddly enamored with the idea of walking 500 miles. And in 2015, I did it and then in 2017, I did it again–on the Camino Portuguese–300 miles.
This time it will be the Camino Del Norte. Early planning has me starting my walk in mid-Spring 2019, from Irun, Spain–in the Northeast corner, finishing again in Santiago de Compostela– about 600 miles, and several weeks, later.

It’s early planning now, with a year to go. Plenty of time to change my mind, get nervous, calm down, train, train more, decide what worked last time and what to do differently. The idea of this walk has, however, taken residence within me. If I don’t do it or something similar, I will undoubtedly regret it.

Consequently, I’m busy researching the route, making lists, reading others’ accounts, and gingerly talking to friends and family who will be affected by my lengthy absence. And writing about it…because that helps me process the magnitude of it all.
So, here I go again! But as my lovely mother says, “You better do it now, while you can.” Amen to that!

215 - tears of joy

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